Core Policies

1- To ensure entities and subsidiaries within the group are dynamic and open for organizational changes in line with Group’s vision and goals.
2- To ensure Group employees work in an efficient and productive way. To improve all the systems continuously to increase personal and team performance and, support employees to have more advanced skills and better performance in their career.
3- To employ people without considering their religion, language and obtain democratic work principles.
4- To analyze existing regulations and revise them if necessary.
5- To hire employees that have high level of education, morality and good manners, well-trained, dynamic and open to change, positive thinking, employees that can train staff by and adopting the values of the Group.
6- Candidates who have completed military service and have appropriate qualifications for job descriptions and have qualifications mentioned above are hired for Group Companies.

Functional Policies

1- To provide a suitable environment for our employees where they can improve themselves ,
2- To treat all employees equally and fairly under the existing circumstances,
3- To provide equal opportunities to add value to their department and Group and to carry themselves at highest point.
4- To ensure all employees use their talents, creativity for their company considering Group’s targets
5- To create systems for employees considering The Group's and company's needs, individual talents and professional goals,
6- To develop and build systems to have fair performance, career and salary
7- To make sure each employee within the group understands his/her responsibilities, power, adequacy, and has clear information about Group’s targets and
8- To inform all employees about a new system, new targets and decisions.
9- To secure communication and multi face communication within human resources practices.
10- To consolidate all information, files and administrative information about employees.

Job Opportunites

While we are witnessing 21th century, we know important actors in business life are changing. One of the disregarded actors is now coming forward and that is human resources.

Only emphasizing technology is not sufficient to reach contemporary level, we are aware that human resources is as important, or even more important than technological factors. Pakpen Human Resources aims to build systems and place people to suitable positions to carry company to its targets. Our target is to create a friendly working environment and an organization to employ highly qualified employees, to help them to improve their personal skills in the best way and create synergy to help us move forward. All of our existing and potential employees will be working in line with Group’s main principle “honesty”.

We are confident, if we take determined steps towards our goals, our products will carry us to the top of the sector. As a result of this, we know we will be profitable and successful and help the society to improve itself. In addition, we are aware we cannot reach success without our employees trust, support and cooperation.