Pakpen Markalar


In 1989 the first factory’s foundation was laid…
Pakpen Plastic Pipe and Construction Material Ind.Trd.Inc. started production as “profile factory” in a 30,000m2 plant in 1989. Today, company provides services with 7 factories and reached total area of 300,000 m2, of which 150.000m2 is a closed area, makes the company biggest industrial organization in Konya Organized Industrial Zone.

Pakpen produces every instrument used in the construction sector from garden accessories to exterior cladding doors, pipes and insulation products. With its 650.000m3 insulation production capacity, 250,000 ton plastic production and more than 700 specialists, Pakpen is among the 5 biggest manufacturers.

Was Born in Konya, grew up in Turkey….
The company was born in Konya grew up in Turkey….
Company Pakpen Inc. distributes and sales its products via approximately 650 regional directorates in İstanbul, Ankara, İzmir, Konya and Antalya and by over one thousand vendors around Turkey.

Cannot Fit Into Turkey Anymore
Since 1998, Pakpen Plastic Pipe and Construction Material Ind.Trd.Inc. is entering new markets through Pakpen Foreign Trade Inc.
The company has extensive relation with Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Algeria, Ethiopia, Finland, France, Georgia, Netherlands, Iraq, England, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, Qatar, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Kuwait, Cuba, Libya, Lebanon, Hungary, Macedonia, Malta, Egypt, Mauritania, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, India, Poland, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, Jordan.



Pakpen Tarihçe
We started our journey with trade in 1970’s, our passion for our business since the first day still continues successfully. Belief in Quality of people and production stands as a touchstone that enlightens our way. While we were determined to become a global brand, we are proud to exceed expectations in the construction sector without compromising on quality.

With our steadily increased production and service capacity, number of employees and investments we are the only company that manufactures every instrument used in the construction sector. I like to mention what carries us to today is our understanding of “Quality”, which is the fundamental principle for us. We apply our quality understanding to all processes starting from design to marketing and after sales. We carried out all our expertise and success to approximately 50 countries in abroad.

Pakpen is aware how important is to have a Research and Development Center to improve the sector and support country’s economy. We created a R&D center to have much better quality products. Our Research and Development Center shows the importance of innovation for us.

We are using the latest technology in our 300,000m2 facilities for all of our products, thus, this helps us to have sustainable growth. I specially would like to mention our laboratories have Turkish Accreditation Agency (TÜRKAK) certificate, which is the only acceptable international certificate. With this certificate we are one step closer to our vision to become a global brand.

Today, one of the most important shortages of our industry is qualified personnel. As an industrial producer from Konya, in order to fulfill our responsibilities in the best way, we have built a school with 24 classes and 800 student capacity in Konya Organized Industrial Zone and donated to Ministry of National Education. We are proud to inform you that Selçuklu Mehmet Tuza Pakpen Technical and Industrial Vocational High School start education during 2012-2013.

As Pakpen we believe “sustainable success is the actual success”, we focus on customer needs and look into much wider horizons. We started our journey with the aim of opening new doors to new worlds, we continue with our belief and determination. I have complete belief that with all of our brands that symbolizes dreams, aesthetic and fruitfulness, we will be able to increase our service quality every passing day.

To have better life, better future and better Turkey, we will continue to have best quality products without compromising on quality.

With the light and joy of future that we built for new generations, we hope to accomplish success together.

Mehmet TUZA
Pakpen / Chairman


Our mission is to foresee society’s needs and meet their demands by using resources in most efficient way. We would like to be a leader establishment in universal measures that is aware of its responsibilities, add value to and improve welfare of humanity, create value, and have corporate identity with code of ethics.


Our vision is to be a leader in the sector creates a highly esteemed worldwide recognized BRAND that is:

Open to new opportunities,
Continuously self-improving,
Researching alternative products,
Flexible and fast,
Giving great importance to customer expectations and satisfaction,
Improving competitiveness level,
Making accurate decisions to have steady and healthy growth,
Creating highly added values and distributing them to stakeholders in a fair way,
Aware whole world is a potential market,
Giving great importance to after sales services
Providing products and services in international standards,
Having well-trained, well-equipped, skilled, motivated employees

General Manager (CEO)


PAKPEN PVC ISO500: ranking 226th at the Istanbul Chamber of Industry 500 list, according to ISO 2011 data.
PAKPEN PVC SUPERBRANDS: Turkey’s Super Brand in 2005, 2007, and 2012
PAKPEN PVC Capital 500: 377th place in the Capital 500 list which is 13 steps higher from the previous year.
PAKPEN PVC Economist Magazine: Ranked 84th among the biggest 500 companies of Anatolia.
PAKPEN PVC Fortune 500: Ranked 283rd according to 2011 data.
PAKPEN PVC Kariyet Net: “Respect for People” award in 2012
PAKPEN PVC "Konya Economy" award as well as “Company in Highest Demand” award in 2012
PAKPEN PVC Konya Social Security Agency: Social Security Award in 2012.
PAKPEN PVC IZODER Quality Approvement Certificate IKOS
PAKPEN PVC Bureau Veritas VOC Emission Certificate: The most optimal A+ for human health
PAKPEN PVC United Nations UNIDO Environmental Program



For the satisfaction of customers, company owners, suppliers, employees, and society, our work will be:
PAKPEN PVC Conscious of quality, the environment, and safety
PAKPEN PVC And from the beginning
PAKPEN PVC Error-free
PAKPEN PVC Continuously improving


One of the biggest companies of construction sector, Pakpen proved its product quality one more time.

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Pakpen aims to protect environment, support country’s economy, and minimize all negative effects to the environment.

Our policy and principles are:
PAKPEN PVC To be compatible with all national and international environmental code of law and update them regularly,
PAKPEN PVC To create environmental awareness, to inform employees, customers, suppliers and all related parties about company’s environmental policies.
PAKPEN PVC To identify environmental damages and environmental impacts.
PAKPEN PVC To recycle all the waste occurred during production and dismisses them in the closest place.
PAKPEN PVC To train our employees, customers, suppliers and all related parties, create environment consciousness, and increase their sensitivity.
PAKPEN PVC To accept the responsibility of leaving habitats to younger generations, evaluate goals and targets every year, and show progress that has been taken
PAKPEN PVC To improve environmental managing systems continuously depending on the principles mentioned above

All of our principles will be announced to public via different communication tools and will be open to public view. Management will be the first to follow and analyze all the environmental policies that are committed.

General Manager


“Creating safer and healthier working environment for our employees is the highest priority of Pakpen. A. S. For his purpose, our company embraced following principles in the occupational health and safety policy;

Obeying without hesitation to all national and international regulations and the rules of all related foundations that we have membership.

Training our employees and suppliers in order to create constant awareness of occupational health and safety

Making risk analysis related to probable accident and emergency situations that could occur during our business facilities, planning and applying preventative activities in order to reduce risk factors.

Constantly improving the consciousness of occupational health and safety and achieve sustainable target of zero occupational accident”

General Manager